FriendZone vs. Tinder. What’s the best app to find friends?

FriendZone vs. Tinder. What’s the best app to find friends?

Whether you’re new to the city, or your friends are already in a relationship, meeting new people and finding new friends is a difficult task. And what if you’re not interested in meeting someone romantically? Many times the only thing you are looking for is another fan of music, who plays the guitar and can do a duet. Surely, you thought about this: why isn’t there an app to find friends just like there are many to find a date? Isn’t this true?

Go to a bar? Ride the city by bike? Go to a concert? Taco dinner? Surely if you are new to the city for studies or work, at the beginning it is always difficult to meet people who want to enjoy the same activities as you. An app to find new friends would help!

As you surely know, singles have different options online. For example, one of the most popular is Tinder, the application to meet singles in a match. You like him, You like her, Match!

Now those who are looking for friends, also have an option to meet people with similar interests, make plans and have a great time. FriendZone is the new app to find new friends that allows you to meet people who are geographically close and want to do activities together.

FriendZone vs. Tinder: apps to find new friends and meet people.

  • In FriendZone, you connect with people according to their interests and not their physical.
    • In the differences lies the taste, right? We do not care if you have long, short or no hair, if you are from here or there, or if you lack a tooth. What matters is that you want to meet new people, and have a great time.
  • Our algorithm is not based on how you look or how many likes you get. It’s based on things in common. That’s why we are an app to find new friends and not to show off!
  • With FriendZone, it is very cool to be in the FriendZone.
    • Who said that being in the Friendzone is bad? Imagine connecting with boys and girls without that pressure and nerves of the first dates. The only thing you will feel is that feeling of happiness like when you were little and your friends came to look for you at home to go out and play.
  • In FriendZone couples are not a priority. Go out with whoever!
  • In FriendZone, you do not need to pay.
    • Meet the entire neighborhood without limits or restrictions. Join all the categories you want and get ready to get to know your city (Barcelona, in our case!) from different angles.

Here more is better. Surely you will find someone with tastes similar to yours. Let’s all find friends, let’s go play music on the beach or organize board games!

Download FriendZone now, the app to find new friends and start enjoying your city like never before.