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"Friends Forever": Photo by Serey Kim on Unsplash

Friends to FriendZone: How a Friendship Led to a Start-up

Although entrepreneurship is widely considered a solo venture, having a friendship that led to a start-up is fairly common. Just take a look at Airbnb, or Ben & Jerry’s [which represent the name of each owner]. This same can be said for FriendZone, a start-up created by 2 friends, Roberto Boasso [a Sardinian native and…
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Find Your Niche

Choose from more than 100 interests! Everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone has something that they are passionate about. Everyone wants someone to share that passion with. We can only be so lucky. We all have that one thing that we really like to do, but have no one else to do it…
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FriendZone vs. Tinder. What’s the best app to find friends?

Whether you’re new to the city, or your friends are already in a relationship, meeting new people and finding new friends is a difficult task. And what if you’re not interested in meeting someone romantically? Many times the only thing you are looking for is another fan of music, who plays the guitar and can…
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Signing up to the FriendZone app to find new friends

What is FriendZone?

FriendZone is an application that is designed to bring like-minded people together. We all want to meet someone who shares our interests, someone with whom we can create a lasting connection. With FriendZone, you can select your own interests from a preordained list containing a variety of activities, like watching movies, playing volleyball, Anime, just…
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