Why Facebook Doesn’t Work to Find New Friends

Why Facebook Doesn’t Work to Find New Friends

Facebook launched in 2004 and has recruited billions of users worldwide. Facebook supports interactive online chat, commenting, and liking people’s posts and pages. However, people’s focus recently with Facebook has been more about the amount of friends they have rather than the face to face relationships.

Facebook doesn’t have a user friendly system to chat with others. You either have to message on a separate app called “Messenger” or comment on their post for everyone to see. Whenever you send a friend request, you have no idea what they like to do or the specific interests they’re interested in. Once you’ve hit the accept button, Facebook gives you no incentive to actually connect with the user. 

A New Way to Make Friends

FriendZone is an app that fixes these constraints! This app connects you with people who not only have the same interests as you, but also age, location, and more. This allows you to actually want to FriendZone someone and chat with people who have lots in common with you. Then, you can choose your favorite common place to meet and make lasting connections! You don’t have to worry about the amount of followers or likes you get on a post from distant friends. This helps you to have actual close relationships with others and have face-to-face conversations. 

We live in a world today where technology is booming and used more than ever before. Even though social media provides notable communication opportunities, it often leads to restrictions with face-to-face conversation. This can make it hard to invest in relationships for maintaining levels of emotional intensity. Allowing yourself to have these in person interactions are necessary to keep lasting friendships. 

Hiding behind a screen won’t help you make new friends. FriendZone gives you that incentive to meet face-to-face with people who have your same interests!

You can download the beta here!