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Why you’ll love FriendZone

List of interests

Innovative and User-Friendly

FriendZone was designed from ground-up, for ourselves – we wanted an app to find people to share our passions with


Our algorithm makes it very easy to find friends that are perfect for you.


With a clear, simple and visual design, FriendZone is easy to use and pleasant to look at.


Choose from a varied list of interests, hobbies and activities catered to the weird part in all of us.


The integrated chat allows you to form groups and talk to as many people as you want.


Add your interests, no matter how weird they are. Be authentic.


Whether you moved to a new city or you are bored of your social circles, FriendZone is there for you.

Team & Collaborators

We developed FriendZone because we looked for an app like that and could not find it.

Roberto Boasso

Co-Founder & CPO

ESADE graduate with 5 years of experience in digital marketing and agile project management

Alex Portela

Alejandro Portela

Co-Founder & CTO

DevOps and Blockchain developer with experience in digital ecosystems and data management

Juan Margareto

Juan Alonso Margareto

Backend Collaborator

Blockchain and Backend expert, with 10+ years in digital ecosystems


We are proud to have a team of experts helping us make FriendZone the best possible experience for you.

Giovanni Sanna

Finance Advisor

Entrepeneur, exper in Venture Capital. Lives in London.

Mishti Jain

Mishti Jain

Marketing Advisor

Product Marketing Consultant @ Facebook. Ex-Google . Based in Singapore.

Josep Giménez

Product Advisor

Product Owner @ Vueling Airlines. Digital products expert.



Cuddles Advisor

Our FriendZone mascot. For when you need those cuddles.

The FriendZone Blog

Find all the ways FriendZone can be helpful and meaningful for you


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