FAQs – The FriendZone App

App availability 

Is the FriendZone app free ? 

Yes but it is a self-funded app so there are advertising on the app. If you don’t want to see these advertising there is also a premium version of the app. 
If you want the premium version, there are two options. You can either pay a monthly subscription or watch a 30-second ad that will unlock the premium version for a few hours.
For the monthly subscription, please follow this tutorial :

In which countries the FriendZone app is available ? 

The app is available in most countries !

In which languages the FriendZone app is available?

At the moment, the app is available in Spanish, Italian, French, English and German.

Is FriendZone available on all devices ? 

At the moment, the app is available on Google Play Store. We are working on the IOS version so you can have it soon !

Is it the definitive version of FriendZone ? 

No, it is a BETA version ! FriendZone is in constant improvement so don’t worry if you want more features in the chat or whatever we are working on it ! Any suggestions ? You can share it with us here 🙂 

Use of the app 

How to select an other city than my geographical area? 

You can use the filter from the main section of the app, where you can also change your age range preferences.

How can I change the age of the profiles that FriendZone offers you?

You can use the filter from the main section of the app, where you can also search users by location.

How can I choose a precise interest? 

You can use the filter by interest feature in the main section of the app.

Why can’t I talk to someone on the FriendZone app? 

On FriendZone, the concept of consent is really important so even if you send a request you have to wait for the other person to accept. Then you can chat as much as you want ! 

Why can’t I send pictures or videos to someone on the app?

Indeed, you can’t send pictures or videos on the app because we don’t want anyone to receive unsolicited content! However we are working on making the chat more user-friendly with gifs for instance.

How can I unfriend someone? 

You can always unfriend a person by accessing the friendship option in the three-dots menu.

Our advice to have the best experience on the FriendZone app

What can I write in my FriendZone bio ? 

Whether you are introverted or not, be yourself ! You don’t like to talk about yourself ? Just talk about what you love ! FriendZone is design to put your interests forward so you can chat easily. 

What picture should I use ? 

With FriendZone, it is not the appearance that matters so try to pick a picture where we can see your interests. By example, if you love nature you can share a picture of you in the forest. 

How many interests do I have to select ? 

There is no perfect number but don’t hesitate to share with the FriendZone community all your interests in order to see more people mind-linked ! 

Help on the FriendZone app

How can I talk to someone of FriendZone? 

Once someone accepts your friendzone request (or you accept theirs), you will be able to chat with them in the “My Friends” section.

How can I delete my FriendZone account? 

You can delete your account from the app settings. Follow the visual tutorial if you need more assistance:
Open the app menuClick on SettingsClick on "delete account"Confirm your choice

Add this one if we have the answer : How can I change my password on the FriendZone app? 

If you registered with your email and not using social media logins, you can request a new password in the login page.

Can I reach out to you?

If you have any issue with the app or even just want to share about your experience on it, you can write to us here. We love to hear from you!