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3 Benefits of Making Friends All Over the World

For several years now, university exchange programs, immigration and travelling have become more and more frequent. Thanks to this, many people have friends with citizens from all over the world. Unfortunately though, it is not always simple to make friends around the world.

A survey conducted by the ESN, the Erasmus Students Network, revealed that 46% of the participants have no international friends, something we here at FriendZone are trying to change. We believe that making friends, not only in your hometown, but throughout the entire world is important to have.

Here are 3 benefits of making friends all over the world!

1. You Never Learn Better From a Culture Than With a Local

Reading books and articles is one way to learn about a culture, but nothing beats having your own “personal guide” to help you discover the culture.

Making friends from a different place allows to discover all the details of a region. When people buy tourism books or brochures, authors tend only write about a country in general terms, but a country has a variety of traditions, places and cultures that cannot be explained by a book alone. The best way to appreciate a culture is to have a friend who can make you discover all their traditions, cuisines and the “off-grid” tourist destinations.

Also, don’t forget the couch surfing benefits you get when travelling!

However, the most important thing is that it is not just about learning a different culture, it is also about sharing yours. Having a foreign friend is first step of a cultural exchange

2. Learn a New Language Easily and in a Fun Way

Even though it’s great having language classes, it will never beat practicing with a friend to have an authentic foreign language experience. 

Another benefit of having an international friend is to talk with him/her about all kinds of subjects that you can’t predict so you can be more spontaneous in a professional context, or when travelling alone to other countries. People are also typically more outgoing when learning a new language this way, especially if the other person is learning your language in exchange.

In other words, learning a foreign language with a friend is easier, faster, more fun and less stressful.

There are only benefits when you make friends around the world! 

Photo By Christina From Unsplash

3. Have More of an open-mind and increase Your curiosity

It’s a well known fact that travelling gives you an open-mind and increases your curiosity. It’s exactly the same thing when you have a foreign friend. 

Getting to know someone who is of a different culture, and has different traditions can change you as a person.

Lawrence Durrel, an English writer and traveller, once said “Travel can be one of the most rewarding form of introspection”.

Indeed, many people come back changed by all the discoveries they made while travelling. The same thing happens with having international friends, you discover a lot about others but most importantly, about yourself. It is also increases curiosity! 

Knowing more about other cultures shows you that there is still a lot to discover in the world. 

How FriendZone can help making international friends

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get to know people when you are new to a city. Some people might not even have the chance to travel to other countries. 

It is for these main reasons why FriendZone was created. With a worldwide chat function, users can speak to other users from all around the world and befriend them, within the click of a button! 

We believe everyone should have the means to make new international friends easily. The app is designed so you can find a friends that share the same interests as you, which makes talking easier! 

So, get your phone, download the FriendZone app and learn more about cultures, languages and yourself in the nicest way !


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