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5 Ways to Make New Friends While Studying in Barcelona

When studying abroad, it is often difficult for students to make new friends, particularly in big cities such as Barcelona. But, with just under 200,000 students in Barcelona, and over 20,000 of them being international students, the city is considered one of the best for students, with great universities, many cultural and historical sites, as well as  beautiful Mediterranean landscapes and climate. 

So, whether or not you’re planning on studying in Barcelona, already studying in Barcelona, or simply  just want to make new friends in the Catalan capital, here are 5 ways to make new friends while studying in Barcelona!

1. FriendZone

FriendZone is the best way for people trying make new friends! The app lets you choose from over 150 interests, and through a specific algorithm, shows you a list of users who share common interests along with similar age, distance from each other and more. FriendZone was specifically designed to bring like-minded people together and do all the work for you. Out of all the suggestions, FriendZone makes it by far the easiest for students trying to make new friends! All you have to do is chat with people who share the same common interests as you and meet offline at your favorite places.

The best thing about FriendZone is that you can start searching for friends in Barcelona without even moving there yet with the global chat feature!

Having this app is a must for students, expats, or people just wanting to try something new. Making new friends while studying in Barcelona has never been easier with FriendZone!

2. Join Student Societies

Student societies are another great option for students trying to make new friends while studying in Barcelona! Joining student societies not only helps you make new friends, it also helps you learn more about yourself, your goals and improves you as a person! With many varieties ranging from sports societies and academic/educational societies all the way to political/cultural and community service organizations, there are options for everybody.

3. Erasmus Events

Erasmus events are particularly good for international students trying to make international friends. It is easy to find these event too with a wide range of forums on social media such as the Erasmus Barcelona Accommodation, or Erasmus Barcelona 2021-2022. These forums cater towards larger, organized events such as dinners, parties, and other excursions within the city. 

The best part of Erasmus events is that everyone is in the same position, a student new to the city trying to make new friends, which makes everything less awkward!

Photo By Felix Rostig From Unsplash

4. Find a Roommate

Living alone does come with its advantages. However, having a roommate or multiple ones is one of the easiest ways to make new friends in Barcelona! Many expats prefer first sharing a flat with roommates exactly for this purpose. And who knows? Your roommate might be a great cook or share the same qualities as you! It is always best making friends immediately rather than waiting.

5. Join a Language Exchange Program

There are many language exchange programs throughout Barcelona, such as the one the University of Barcelona organizes. This is a great way to exchange cultures as well as being able to teach your own! We also cannot forget that this is a great way to meet new people and friends. These language exchange programs are a great way to exchange cultures and perform activities everyone enjoys! So whether you are looking to learn Spanish or Catalan, or would like to teach your native languages, joining a language exchange program might be the best way to make friends while studying in Barcelona!

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Download FriendZone

Join a community of over 190,000 users! Choose through over 150 interests, and through our refined algorithm, find like-minded people who share the same common interests as you. Whether you are new to a city or just looking to find new friends, FriendZone is there for you. So what are you waiting for? Download FriendZone now!


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