FriendZone is an application that is designed to bring like-minded people together. We all want to meet someone who shares our interests, someone with whom we can create a lasting connection. With FriendZone, you can select your own interests from a preordained list containing a variety of activities, like watching movies, playing volleyball, Anime, just to grab a drink and many more. Everyone is unique, and we aim to shine a spotlight on what makes you, You. Thus, we have a varied list of interests catered to the weird part in all of us. FriendZone is the app to find friends with similar interests.

How does FriendZone find friends for you?

Our algorithm curates a list of people perfectly suited for any user. All you have to do is FriendZone them! Whether you moved to a new city, want to try your hand at a new activity or are just looking to meet interesting people, FriendZone will help you find the friend who is perfect for you, and you for them!

What future features we are planning to implement

In the future app version, you will be able to ‘Make a Plan’ through the app, where you will see a list of places matched to your interests, including restaurants, theatres, sports clubs and many more. This frees you from the hassle of choosing a place and time, as FriendZone does it for you. You can just focus on having a conversation. We will also provide you with various offers at these venues. This will ensure that not only you find a friend through the app, but also meet them.

We are also developing private networks to help companies with many expats – or simply, many employees. The idea is to foster internal communications and relationships, ultimately building a company culture where work can even lead to friendship. This will provide the company with a cost-effective option to have an informal app without having to develop anything. FriendZone will also help reduce the budget drastically for events, team-building and networking.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more or participate in shaping the future of FriendZone.

Trust us, being FriendZoned has never been this fun!

Roberto Boasso

Roberto Boasso is the CEO at FriendZone.

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