How To Make Friends In A New City In Only A Week

How To Make Friends In A New City In Only A Week

Friends Playing Basketball in a City

The things in our own lives that are worth doing are seldom simple. Moving into another city is high in the list of frightening decisions. Regardless of whether you’re excited about your relocation, the transition of settling in another city is hard and the chances to create new friends can appear limited.

We live in a world where we continuously check social network. However, we sometimes struggle to form connections since we’re too busy liking pictures, reading news or scrolling infinitely. Moreover, as adults, we often think making friends requires too much time. We already have our family, our job and many activities to think about.

We have created FriendZone with this problem in mind. Every member of the team has been through the experience of moving into a new city, for studies or for work, and we all agree on a few things. Moving to a new city is:

  • Amazing: it feels like actually changing your life.
  • Complicated: you have to learn how things work or even a new language.
  • Scary: you can feel very lonely sometimes.
Two Friends Playing Together in a park

To facilitate the transition and expand your social circle, here are 4 steps that can help you make friends in a new city in less than a week.

FriendZone is designed to help you make friends in a new city

Time needed: 7 days.

How to make friends in a new city in 4 easy steps, using FriendZone.

  1. Download FriendZone and add your interests

    Easy, right? You just have to go to the Play Store and install the app. When you create your account, you will see a list of bright icons for a great variety of interests. Think of it like Spotify: when you create you profile, you select the artists you like. It’s easy and colorful!

  2. Find people who share your interests

    They could be fellow expats, who are also looking for like-minded people, or locals that want to expand their social circle. Their profiles will be ordered by our algorithm, which intelligently assesses interests in common, age, distance and other factors. Check their profile and FriendZone them in the app.

  3. Chat with them or create a group

    Once people accept your FriendZone request, you will be able to chat with them. Share your ideas and get to know the other person. If you feel like, you can create a group and add other relevant people. If the other users also add their own connections, you can create a small community of like-minded people.

  4. Choose a place to meet and enjoy your new city

    Maybe it sounds strange coming from the team that built a mobile app. But the best way to actually establish good friendships is offline! In FriendZone, you choose to talk with people who share your interests. Therefore, we suggest you choose a place to meet related to that: a movie theater, a library, a tennis court and so on. If the other people are locals, you can also follow their advice.

Two Friends who Play Basketball

We hope FriendZone makes it easier to make friends in a new city. Let us know what you think and share your experience. And don’t forget: change is good!