Why FriendZone?

Why FriendZone?

We live in a world that is more interconnected than ever before. Never has it been easier to reach out to your fellow human beings and meet new people. Yet, we also live in an era where rates of depression are the highest they have ever been, people feel more lonely and lost, at younger and younger ages. A big part of that can be attributed to social media and internet use, as while we feel connected to the rest of the world, almost 24/7, we also do that in most complete isolation.

However, we believe that we can use this power of connectivity for a more positive purpose as well.

Meet New People

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With FriendZone, we aim to provide a space where you can find and meet new people with whom you actually share a connection. You connect with people who share similar interests as you, who understand the things you love, and why you love them. We have a varied list of interests catered to the weird part in all of us. Everyone is unique, and we aim to shine a spotlight on what makes you, You.

Our algorithm is unique in the way it finds and matches you with people you share the most in common with. We painstakingly designed it to be as astute as possible, and it will only improve over time. We only use the details you choose to provide us, and connect you with your partner in crime.

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Technology can be and should be used to connect people, not isolate them further. With FriendZone, we want to give people an option to do that and make a genuine connection.

Make new friends, talk about what matters, and share your interests. Go find your partner in crime.

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